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Supporting International Students in Sheffield

Friends International is here to help you enjoy your time in Sheffield and feel at home in the UK.

Crime And Punishment

We all believe that the committing of a crime deserves some kind of response but should that response always be punishment? What are the alternatives to punishment and when is it appropriate to use one of them?

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How ‘Green’ Should We Be

Environmental issues are now more urgently on our minds, in the speeches of politicians, on the agenda of international conferences and the subject of innumerable articles, arguments and anti-government protests than ever before.
It is good to have the opportunity to discuss these issues, express our personal opinions and see if there are conclusions that we share.

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Spring Festival Special

On Monday 8 February at 7.30 pm, We’d like to celebrate this festival in a very special way — meet on Zoom but will give you a goody bag before the meeting for using in the meeting. Hopefully, this way gives you more real interaction feeling.

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The International Café is a free weekly event in the city centre for international students to make friends, practise English and enjoy fun activities. The cafe is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic but you can join our weekly Talkabout Zoom calls instead.

Our app is the easiest way to find out about our events. You can also sign up for a meal with a local family. Just search for “Friends International” on the App Store or Google Play or click the links below.

Friends International is a Christian charity that works with churches across the UK. If you are looking for a church to join, please contact us and we will help you find a church that suits your needs.