Talk About Our Irresistible Technology

New technology is rapidly replaced by newer technology, a reality which feeds the addiction problem. It is good to talk about the importance of the technology we use and its almost immeasurable contribution to daily life.

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Talk About ‘Dialogue’

Dialogue is a non-confrontational communication, where both partners are willing to learn from the other and therefore leads much farther into finding new grounds together.Scilla Elworthy, the founder of the…

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Talk About ‘Decision Making’

Choice is something that most of us have in abundance, with freedom to choose from a wide variety of options in life. How do you make decisions? Is there a moral framework to which you turn or is it expected that you will be primarily guided by your parents? Let's talk about it.

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Talk About ‘Living With Stress’

Stress is a normal part of life and at times, it serves a useful purpose. Stress can motivate you, drive you forward, giving energy to what needs to be done. On the other hand, if stress increases, or cannot be relieved or becomes a dominating state of mind, it can seriously affect both mental and physical health.

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Talk About Proverbs

All cultures have proverbs and sayings which are considered to be profound and wise. They often make enjoyable reading and are good subjects for discussion. Let's discuss and learn English proverbs this time.

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Talk About Beauty

How can we value ‘Beauty’ as we should without making it something that over-values what human beings look like? Is there a way of being beautiful that has nothing to do with what we look like? Let's talk about this.

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Talk About: Celebration

Life is often very serious, full of important decisions and things to do. Are we losing the art of true celebration? Do singing and dance together and musical entertainment still feature in our lives? ? In your home culture, is the commitment to celebration still strong? Let's talk about this.

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