Crime And Punishment
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“Punishment is justice for the unjust.” Saint Augustine.

We all believe that the committing of a crime deserves some kind of response but should that response always be punishment? What are the alternatives to punishment and when is it appropriate to use one of them? Where does our sense of what is right and wrong come from? How much of it is basic human instinct and how much of it is cultural? Are there other sources of guidance for our moral choices? Where does our ‘moral code’ come from?

It is good to discuss our perspectives on these issues and see if we share a common foundation for our thoughts and beliefs.

Questions we might discuss are:

  • Do you agree that all crimes deserve a response of some kind from society? Do you believe that every crime should be punished?
  • What alternatives are there to punishment by imprisonment?
  • Do you understand ‘restitution’ and ‘rehabilitation’ and do you believe that these can be good alternatives to punishment of wrongdoing?
  • To what extent are parents responsible for their children’s actions?
  • Where do you believe that our sense of right and wrong come from and where do you turn to for moral guidance?
  • What about forgiveness – how important is forgiveness to you as an individual and how important is it to society? Where do you turn to find forgiveness when you know you have done wrong?

Come and join our Talk About on Monday 1 March at 7.30 pm, share your idea and make friends.

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