How ‘Green’ Should We Be
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Let’s talk about: How ‘Green’ Should We Be?

Environmental issues are now more urgently on our minds, in the speeches of politicians, on the agenda of international conferences and the subject of innumerable articles, arguments and anti-government protests than ever before. The angry voices of Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and others challenge us to think much more about the use of natural resources, the issue of Global Warming, how we manufacture products, the use of plastics, disposal of waste and how human behaviour impacts the flora and fauna of the earth. These have become hotly debated topics that demand a response from governments but also directly challenge us as individuals. How do we process all the information and come to conclusions which are honourable and practical? 

It is good to have the opportunity to discuss these issues, express our personal opinions and see if there are conclusions that we share.

Questions we might discuss are:

  • What does the term ‘green’ mean? Do have a similar term in your language?
  • What are some of the main environmental issues that you think about from day to day and how have they altered the way you live?
  • Were you taught as a child to be careful about how you treat the world around you or is this something that has come to your attention as an adult?
  • Some people feel overwhelmed by the size of the challenge and believe that nothing they do as an individual will make any difference. How would you respond to that?
  • What are some of the everyday environmental challenges we all face and how can we live in an honourable, environmentally-friendly way?
  • To whom are we accountable for how we treat the world?

Come and join our Talk About on Monday 22 February at 7.30 pm, share your idea and make friends.

The Zoom ID and passcode are:

ID: 981 9526 9164
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