Talk About Our Irresistible Technology
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Lonely life of the techno-addict as thousands go up to 48 hours without speaking to another human.

headline in the Daily Mail

21st century technology is almost unbelievably ‘intelligent’ but in the last decade, evidence has strongly supported the concern held by many that we are becoming increasingly addicted to our mobile phones, our computers and other techno-gadgets. Easy access and constant availability of the Internet, enabling email, texting, social media chatting and ‘tweeting’ has led to a new form of compulsive and dependent behaviour: technology-addiction. Technology addiction is not always easy to recognise, especially since many of us now need to ‘be online’ for many hours every day just for work or study. Such addiction is easier to see in others while being hard to admit to in oneself. Neuroscientific studies now indicate that addiction to technology brings on chemical changes in the brain in the same way that other addictions do, and it is becoming clear that this addiction is increasingly linked to depression, especially in children.

New technology is rapidly replaced by newer technology, a reality which feeds the addiction problem. Our ‘smart phones’ are soon replaced by even smarter ones! Meanwhile, ‘smart technology’ appears to make our lives much easier. In fact, most current students have never known life without smartphones.

It is good to talk about the importance of the technology we use and its almost immeasurable contribution to daily life while discussing how its presence can often be unhelpfully intrusive. What about how it impacts our human relationships? Are we now gaining comfort from devices rather than from fellow humans?

These are questions we might discuss:

  • Do you think that addiction to technology is really an issue or is it just something that is exaggerated by people who do not like technology?
  • Have you ever witnessed techno-addiction in others? How did it manifest itself?
  • Do you find it hard to resist checking your social media, responding to a social media post, or texting even when it is clearly inappropriate? Can you turn your phone off at night?
  • Our smart phones are amazing but can you think of times or circumstances when it is inappropriate to be using them?
  • Most of us have ‘Zoomed’ many times in the past year, mostly due to Covid-19 limiting other ways of meeting. How have you felt about this loss of being physically present with people, especially friends and family? How is C-19 impacting your studies and social life now?
  • How can we make the most of our amazing technologies without allowing them to ‘rule’ us? Is there anything we can do to help the next generation of children?

Come and join our Talk About on Monday 21 June at 7.30 pm, share your idea and make friends.

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