Talk about Individual vs. Community
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Although cultures will usually exhibit both, almost all will tend clearly towards either individualism or community identity. When the rights of the individual and the consensus of the community come into conflict, should the rights or preferences of the individual be regarded as more important than the majority opinion of the community or should the majority opinion of the community be considered more important than the rights or preferences of the individual? How can the apparent good of community and the rights of the individual fit together?

It is good to discuss these issues and consider what characteristics would add up to make an ideal community or society, bearing in mind modern societal complexities.

Questions we might discuss are:

  • What do you understand by the word ‘community’?
  • What issues cause conflict between the individual and community?
  • How does your culture regard individual choice or opinion?
  • Are there some issues in your culture on which the majority belief/opinion is so dominant that it is extremely hard to believe/think differently?
  • On what occasions do you think that individual choice must win?
  • Can you think of issues which are being considered in your country that previously were thought of as agreed and accepted but which are now up for discussion?
  • What or who do you believe can bring peace to fractured communities?

Come and join our Talk About on Monday 9 November at 7.30 pm, share your idea and make friends.

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