Talk About ‘The Reality of Reverse Culture Shock’
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Continuing the serise of ‘Returning Home’, this time we are talking about ‘reverse culture shock’.

Just as you experienced ‘culture shock’ when you first came to the UK, so you will also go through some form of ‘reverse culture shock’ when you return home.

Re-entry adjustment is part of every returnee’s experience. However, the degree of difficulty varies whit each person’s maturity, unique situation, and re-entry preparation.

Come and join our Talk About on Monday 12 July at 7.30 pm, share your idea and make friends.

The Zoom ID and passcode are:

ID: 981 9526 9164
Passcode: letstalk

This is our last online talk for this term. Next Monday, we will meet in Weston Park at 7.30 pm. You are very welcome to join us, play games with us.
Details will post on our website.